Investment Funds

Patterson Thoma Family Office is currently co-general partner in five investment funds:

Private Equity
Transition Capital Partners, Dallas, TX — Makes direct investments and provides financial assistance to growing companies through leveraged recapitalizations.
Contact Jason Faucett at wnfba+gpcyc.pbz
Distressed Debt
RTR Capital LLC, Dallas, TX — $20M fund: Acquires distressed residential mortgages from banks and financial institutions with a goal of working with the state quarters to allow the owners to stay in their homes while providing a fair return on invested capital.
Contact James Cisneros at wnzrf.pvfarebf+egerfbyhgvbaf.pbz
Other Private Equity
Will consider direct investments in companies that are too small to interest Transition Capital Partners. We will only consider investments in companies with a proper business model and usually a track record of profits – or a story to explain why there are no profits. We do not invest in start-ups.
Contact Colin Patrick at pbyva+cnggrefbagubzn.pbz
Land / Real Estate
The McKinney Fund & Co. consists of three companies comprised of The McKinney Fund, The Collin Fund and McKinney Consulting. The McKinney and Collin Funds are fully discretionary funds that invest in real estate development, land, notes which are secured by real estate, and improved properties with redevelopment opportunities. In addition, McKinney Consulting is an experienced real estate management company specializing in optimizing land values through entitlement, planning and development. Generally, The McKinney Fund & Co. team takes and active role it their investments by providing capital, expertise and asset management resources in concert with strategic partners in various asset classes. Our investments include apartments, student housing, assisted living/memory care facilities, retail and land development - both residential and commercial. The McKinney Fund & Co. core equity investment size is from $2M to $10M, while also making co-investments from the $10M to $100M range.
Contact Tim Moore at gzbber+zpxvaarlshaq.pbz - or visit this website for more information:

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